Professional Video Tape Repair
and DVD Transfer Service

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We offer two ways to transfer your footage to DVD:

Original, Unedited Footage

  • Direct, high-quality transfer of your footage to DVD-Video
  • Complete privacy - your footage will not be viewed by us
  • $12.95 per tape, reduced to $9.95 if the tape has been repaired by us
  • Additional copies $7.50
  • Available for: VHS, 8mm, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8 and miniDV

Standard DVD Transfers
Our standard transfer service uses the DVD-Video format without copyright protection; you will be able to use your disc in a DVD player or computer, and with the proper software you will be able to "rip" the footage from the disc and store or edit it on a computer's hard drive. We are proud to use Taiyo Yuden DVDs, widely regarded as the best available disc with the longest lifespan.

.mp4, MPEG-2, .mov and more
We can transfer your footage to a different format like .mp4, MPEG-2, .mov, etc. as a data file. The disc created will be a data disc and may not play in most standalone DVD players, but you can play it on a computer and simply copy the footage to your hard drive and use it however you'd like.

The third option is .avi, an uncompressed format that requires a great deal of storage space. If you would like your footage in .avi you will need to supply an external hard drive (plan on an average of 15 gigs per hour of footage) and pay for return shipping ($11.30).

All of these options are available at no additional transfer charge per tape; when you place your order simply let us know how you would like your footage transferred in the "Special Instructions" field.

Video Editing & DVD Customization

  • High-quality transfer of your footage to DVD-Video
  • Many different editing and customization options created by professionals with years of experience
  • $40 per hour, minimum of 1/4 hour
  • Describe what you want when placing your order and we will contact you with a quote after we've assessed your footage
  • All DVDs $7.50
  • Available for: VHS, 8mm, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8 and miniDV

Video Editing & DVD Customization Options:

Footage Editing
Remove unwanted footage, compile footage from different tapes

Custom Menu
Direct links to different scenes in your footage, custom backgrounds

Slide Show
Create a show of still shots from your footage

Scene Transitions
Smooth, clean transitions from scene to scene

Scene Titles
Add informative text to your footage

Either your original composition or copyright-free music can be added to your footage and DVD menu

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